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Find research and analysis tech to support policymaking

The Policy Design Community provides a network for people who make public policy and services in innovative design-centred ways. It is open to anyone who works for a government organisation in the UK.

Future Tech is a working group of the policy design community. This group works to support the uptake of impactful policy design technology in normal working environments across government to enhance the quality of policymaking.

The group aims to...

  • map and understand the range of digital tools that can be used to support practical policy making in Government, particularly focusing on tools that enable more efficient gathering of new evidence and / or of analysing existing insight.
  • explore the options and opportunities for:
    • Supply side – collaborating with our universities network and policy design community to understand the range of existing tech innovations through a wide-ranging desk research piece
    • Demand side – engage those involved in the development of policy to identify gaps in support for good policy making, likely through survey and interview
  • consider the application of highlighted technology
  • highlight areas to test small scale pilots of promising technology
  • consider the bespoke development of tools in areas not currently supported by existing technology

You can join the Future Tech group by emailing from your government email address.

You can find out more and join the over-arching Policy Design Community here.